Leadership Training & Development

A Special Message From Dr. Stewart

Hello, it's Dr. Chavonne Stewart, your leadership and development coach!  I'm so excited that you're visiting us online and I look forward to sharing with you leadership principles and techniques that will help take your leadership to a new and enhanced level!

Below you can learn about our programs, as well as click any of the buttons to schedule your  30-min free "Unlock Your Potential Talk."

Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching is more than just guidance; it's a partnership that empowers you on your path to becoming an exceptional leader. With personalized support and the enriching wisdom of biblical teachings, leadership coaching serves as a catalyst for discovering your innate abilities, cultivating strengths, and honing new skills to overcome both personal and professional challenges. 

It's about unlocking your full potential, gaining clarity on your aspirations, and achieving success with unwavering confidence and purpose.  More details will be discussed during your discovery call. 

Leadership Training

Elevate Your Leadership!

Are you ready to step into your full potential as a leader? Join us for an empowering leadership training program “ Bridging the Gap,” designed specifically for women!

Our comprehensive training is designed to provide you with the techniques, wisdom, and assurance required to lead authentically and flourish in any setting, incorporating biblical principles into our teachings. From honing effective communication skills to navigating strategic decision-making, we delve into essential leadership competencies uniquely addressing the experiences and challenges encountered by women leaders

During this program, you'll:

Whether in-house or virtual, we empower you to thrive in every aspect of leadership, igniting your potential for success. Don’t miss this opportunity to invest in your future as a leader. Join us and unlock the power within you to lead and thrive in any endeavor.

Leadership Courses

Empowerment Starts Here: Explore Our Leadership Courses for Women

Are you ready to lead with confidence and thrive in your endeavors?  We offer a range of empowering leadership courses designed specifically for women like you!  At Global Leadership Techniques, we believe in equipping women with the techniques and skills they need to succeed in leadership roles.  

Our courses cover a variety of topics, including, time management, effective communication, decision-making, self-leadership, dare to dream, and more, all tailored to help you thrive in your leadership journey.  Whether you are just starting your leadership journey or looking to enhance your existing skills, our course offer something for everyone. 

Take the first step towards realizing your leadership potential and join us on this empowering journey. 

Course offerings available Winter 2024!

Leadership Retreat

Are you ready to ignite your leadership potential and embark on a journey of empowerment? Our retreats are designed to empower women like you to step into your leadership with confidence and purpose.  Through engaging workshops, inspiring discussions and meaningful connections, you will gain valuable insights and skills to propel your growth as a leader.  

More details to come for 2025-2026!